Club Competition Information


Dear Members

Having listened to members feedback and desire to have a free-flowing game of golf with minimal delays and acknowledging the partnership relationship between Derby Golf Club and S.I.V and their commercial interests the following process is being implemented from Saturday 26th February 2022

Tee Times

Booking of tee times will be on a one week rolling basis at 10-minute timing intervals summer only winter will be 8 min. Members are asked to arrive in good time and be ready to tee off at their allocated tee time.

We will be adopting a 'Ready to Play' system whereby if a group or individual are not ready to play at their allocated tee time the next group or individual that are 'Ready to Play 'will be asked to move forward and take the slot, allowing the late group to pick up the 'Ready to Play' groups later tee time which may or may not be the immediate next slot but their actual allocated time.

Tee off on the first hole will be at the 10-minute interval from the preceding group regardless of whether it is safe to tee off prior to this time. The ambition is to keep the golf flowing and minimize the bottleneck on the second.

The 10-minute gap will be monitored through the turn as members pass the club house on their way to the 10th hole.
Arrive in good time and be ready to play at your tee time

Cancellation of Tee Times

A lot of hard work has been undertaken by the committee in managing the relationship with S.I.V and securing members uninterrupted block tee times to support the smooth running of our competitions

It is a members' responsibility to inform the club starter only Dave Balding 07428 069898 of their non-availability for a booked tee time. Failure to notify causes delays on day and doesn't allow Derby Golf Club to maximise the time allocation and move tee times forward creating Green Fee capacity. later time slots can be released to non-member Green Fees, supporting our relationship with S.I.V

Members are required to contact the club starter Dave Balding 07428 069898 at least 24 hrs prior to their booked tee time if they need to cancel. In practice this is taken as end of day on the Thursday for a Saturday competition.

Derby Golf Club and S.I.V will be monitoring this and where a member fails to provide 24 hours notice of cancellation the following steps will be taken:

• First instance the member will be contacted (by phone) and reminded of the process
• Second Instance the member will receive a warning letter/email
• Third instance the pre booking tee time facility will be removed for a period of 4 weeks. (Please note if a member should persist their name will be removed for the rest of the season, and they will revert to only being able to book though club starter Dave Balding (48hrs in advance)

We recognize that members may not be able to give 24hrs notice for a variety of forced reasons including Personal, medical, late notice work commitments etc. but expect these to be the exception.

In summary -

* Arrive in good time
* Be ready for your tee time
* If you cannot play don't book
* If you must cancel, give 24hrs notice
Enjoy your Golf
Thank You for Your Support